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Tuesday, 18.06.2019, 09:37
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    WELCOME!!!.....A Trusted Name for Machinery.....Engineering Excellence....Library of Finished Projects.....Executing Multi-Disciplinary Projects on Turnkey Basis.....Quality - A Way of Life

    Our engineering company offers assistance in the development of design documentation, has a full list of finished design documentation of the chemical and petrochemical, mining, and ventilation equipment. Prices for projects are significantly lower than the products themselves.

    Design Documentation for Petrochemical Equipment

    Design Documentation for Mining Equipment

    Design Documentation for Ventilation Equipment


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    Drawings Shell and tube heat exchangers Tube bundles Condensers Evaporators Thermosyphon evaporators Air tanks for compressors Mesh gas separators Oil and gas separators Liquid mesh filters for pipelines LP impellers MP impellers HP impellers Dust fans Industrial vacuum-cleaners Impellers for Dust fans and Industrial vacuum-cleaners Roof-type exhaust fans Axial fans Dust exhausters Cyclones Coal pumping units NU 900/90 (НУ 900/90) Mud pumps ShN-250 / ShN-500 (ШН-250 / ШН-500) Screeners GIL, GIS, GIT (ГИЛ, ГИС, ГИТ) of all modifications Centrifugals ФВШ-1000, ЦфШНГ, ЦфШНB Belt conveyor with rigid placement on the belt 1,000mm Powered support units 1KD90 , 2KD90 , 3KD90 Centrifucal pumps Suspended iron-separators; Self-discharging iron-separators; Pulley iron-separators. Jigs : Jigs ВБ - (6,0 x1, 4.0 x 1) - B (OMA10) Jigs ВБ - 2,5x1 -M Jigs ВБ - 2,5x2 - В Jigs ВБ - 2,5x2 -M (without rotary unloader) Jigs ВБ - 2,5x2 -М (with rotary unloader) Jigs ВБ - 2,5x2 -Р Jigs ВБ - 2,5x3 -M Jigs ВБП - 4,0x3 -Р Pneumatic vibration separator СВП - 5.5 x1 Magnetic separator ПБЭ-90/250 Separators wheel : СКВ - 3 / 1,2 x1 -B (CКТ -12), СКВП20, СКВП32 and 500СКВП32 -380 Electromagnetic drum separators: ЭБМ-80/170П ЭБМ-90/250

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